Vibram FiveFinger Runs and 1 Day at the Gym

My first run with my new Vibram FiveFinger Bikilas was a week ago today. The run felt good, although I was a bit concerned about the big toe on my right foot being hard pressed against the front of the toe pocket while I ran. I was, after all, running in a size 38, two sizes down from what the official “how to size Vibram FiveFingers” guide told me. Still, the shoe felt good, and by the end of the first run I was mostly convinced I was wearing the right size. Lol, I was looking at my football prediction sites.

Fast forward two days later, I took my Bikilas back out for another spin at the park. This run felt really good. I felt light on my feet, only a little sore in my calves and there wasn’t a trace of the slight blister the run on Monday had left me with. I didn’t really notice anyone looking at my feet as I ran around the park at Centro Leon, a couple blocks away from my apartment, but then again I was pretty tuned into my music, and I am pretty accustomed to tuning people out in general when I run.

Thursday I decided to take my FiveFingers to the gym. No one noticed, except the little two-year old who was manning the front desk with her mom. She kept pointing at my feet, and while I was doing squats she got close enough to reach her arm out and just barely touch them before her mom swooped her up. (I think at that point the front desk lady gave the shoes a second glass, but they are used to me being the strange foreigner here, so no comments were made.)

I particularly like the way the shoes responded when I lifted. I felt like I had better stance, form, and response to the weights. I also took them for a short jog on the treadmill, just to keep my legs limber.

Yesterday was my longest run in my FiveFingers. I ran 6K, and then walked 1k cooling down. It was a nice night to go for a run – just barely sprinkling when I left it cooled off the hot Caribbean sun that had been pounding down all day long and made for a pleasant running temperature. The streets were pretty empty, as was the park, and I listened to a book on tape while I ran. I am loving running in Five Fingers.

Tonight I am going to try my shoes out at an aerobics class at the gym for the first time. Pretty excited!